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Being willing to dream...


When I begin to paint I never know where I'm going to end up.  The beginnings are always a dance between me and color.  This time of playfulness is important to my process as it allows my intuitive self to come forward.  Being willing to work this way means I have to be willing to work with what happens on that first layer(s).  Sometimes it happens that I see the end right away and know exactly where to go next.  At other times I have to be willing to dream on it for awhile.  Sometimes it takes five more layers before what was waiting gets revealed.  Sometimes it helps to squint or take of my glasses.  Do what works for you.  Are you willing to share what that is?

Sending out all sorts of Holiday greetings for whatever wondrous holiday you celebrate.  I celebrate Hanukkah and look forward to spending a few of the 8 nights of lights with my daughter from Seattle.  I will make a few extra latkes (potato pancakes)  for whomever of you want to stop by! Merry, merry, happy happy to you and yours!

Artfully yours, Chris

A year of transition...or why I haven't written a blog post in a year


Hello once again.  I think I owe you an explanation for the lack of posts this past year.  Late last year we decided we could no longer live so far away from our grandchildren.  We wanted to have an "everyday" relationship with them.  For the last 7 years we had been flying back and forth to Ohio several times a year to see my daughter and her family spending a few days here and there with them.  So we bought a condo on Lake Erie 3 miles from where they live. But before our April departure date arrived I packed and sorted, and sorted and packed for months trying to reduce the load and still be able to have two livable spaces available to us. Just as spring was bursting in full bloom in So Cal, the 2700 mile drive got underway and we were off.  Of course there were moving truck issues (late, damage, etc) but we sorted them out and set up the condo watching spring arrive for the second time as we did so.  Anyhow, that's where I've been for the better part of the last 8 months. Now that we are back in California for the winter I have time to clean up my act!

So you might ask, how did all of this affect my art-making?  Well it did in many ways.  Fortunately the condo allowed a space for setting up the studio and I managed to ship a decent amount of materials to have in Ohio to work with.  I spent more time with the boys in the studio than I expected.  They loved to get the watercolors, markers, and pencils out when they came over at least until it was warm enough to swim.  Their drawing skills got better and better over the summer and we had lots of fun! I was also able to plan and film 4 new DVD's  through Artist Network in Cincinnati.  They are due out soon. I'm excited to see how they turned out.  

Since Ohio is a lot more green in the summer than California, we enjoyed the outdoors a lot. I was inspired to paint flowers as always and found lots of places to take photos.  I use PIXLR a lot to layer photographs and tweak compositions.  Look for an article in Artists Magazine about it in the coming months.

Hopefully now that things are settled I can get back to blogging more often.  I just wanted to share what had been going on with you!  If you are in Southern California this winter and early spring I'll be doing some teaching in nearby Upland.  Give me a shout out and I'll share the details.  I'll even be teaching the process for how the painting in this blog post was made!  Let me hear from you and what changes 2016 brought to your life!

Best wishes for the happiest of holidays to you and yours whatever they might be.  There is room in this world for any happiness that can be enjoyed.



Artfully yours, Chris