A year of transition...or why I haven't written a blog post in a year

Being willing to dream...


When I begin to paint I never know where I'm going to end up.  The beginnings are always a dance between me and color.  This time of playfulness is important to my process as it allows my intuitive self to come forward.  Being willing to work this way means I have to be willing to work with what happens on that first layer(s).  Sometimes it happens that I see the end right away and know exactly where to go next.  At other times I have to be willing to dream on it for awhile.  Sometimes it takes five more layers before what was waiting gets revealed.  Sometimes it helps to squint or take of my glasses.  Do what works for you.  Are you willing to share what that is?

Sending out all sorts of Holiday greetings for whatever wondrous holiday you celebrate.  I celebrate Hanukkah and look forward to spending a few of the 8 nights of lights with my daughter from Seattle.  I will make a few extra latkes (potato pancakes)  for whomever of you want to stop by! Merry, merry, happy happy to you and yours!

Artfully yours, Chris