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It began in the garden


I recently took an online class with Pauline Agnew which was totally out of my wheelbox.  It was about painting the face and the figure.  An interesting exercise for me all around as this is not what motivates me.  But I must say that it is good to be uncomfortable at times.  The lack of security with the methods and subject matter really pushed me to think differently about what I see and how I paint.  I'm pretty comfortable with materials and color.  I would definitely say that I'm not shy about it.  But charcoal?  What?  New for me.  Surprisingly I liked it.  The one thing I will take away from this class which I will do regularly if not daily is to use my technology to see less clearly.  Yes, I mean "less" not more.  This class reminded me that seeing clearly is not what I want.  I like when the edges blur and the reality is fuzzy.  I'll never be a realistic painter and I won't give up my colorful sensibilities, but I will grab my apps and render my photos to give the world a different perspective.  

If you don't have apps on your tablet yet for painting and drawing, I'd like to recommend a few that I particularly like. These apps manipulate your photos in unique ways allowing you to create various "painterly" versions of the image.  But don't stop there.  The fun comes when you re-manipulate them and start morphing them into complete abstraction.

 I have an android phone and tablet, so excuse my bias.  But I'm sure that you can find alternatives if not the same ones for your Ipads!

Paper Camera


Infinite Painter


Check them out!  You'll have some great fun.



Artfully yours, Chris