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December 2014

What winter brings...


It's once again December, and as of last night the days will once again begin to get longer and my time in the studio will increase.  I prefer to paint in natural light and when we built the studio space I opted for sky lights.  It was a wonderful decision except for the short days of winter! Don't get me wrong, winter has many virtures.  Winter brings a different light which I love.  Winter brings different ways of seeing as well.  Even here in Southern California we have trees which loose their leaves exposing the beautiful bones of the trunk and branches.  In the garden, the roses stretch to offer their last blooms before they get cut back for a long rest and the oranges and grapefruit trees are heavy with their bounties sweetening up with each drop in temperature.  Each winter we begin to hope for rain to bless this desert we call California.  So far our hopes are being realized and we continue to wish for the heavens to open and bless the land again, and again.  I chose the art for this post because it reminded me of the storm clouds and the winter sky, all promises of replenished resources and a natural time of rest and recovery.  

As for the new year, I'll be gearing up with Julie Prichard soon to develop some new classes for our online family and I've got some workshops planned here in the LA areas this winter and spring.  My work on the book is progressing well and I'm going to meet my deadline ahead of time.  By next winter the book will be in your hands!  But for the moment I'm going to stop and enjoy some family time and replenish myself. With all the hustle and bustle of the winter holidays, I wish for you that you too have time to replenish your creative resources this winter.

Artfully yours, Chris