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November 2014

Reflections on change

Chrisfall 455These cast shadows are such a great metaphor for life transitions.  As long as you don't move the objects casting the shadows they will appear in some form everyday.  That's reassuring, isn't it?  Or is it really? For the last nine years I have been a part of the Working Artist Team for Golden Artist Colors, Inc. and with that have conducted countless lectures and presentations to diverse groups.  I have met so many enthusiastic and inquisitive artists and artists in the making along the way. I have made wonderful friends, had students who became colleagues and then friends, it's been a wonderful journey. Thank you Golden Artist Colors, Inc. for your trust and confidence these past 9 years. I have been preparing myself to transition out of the Working Artist Program for more than a year.  This month I gave my last formal lecture on acrylics.  The deed is done.  It's time to move the furniture so that it will cast new shadows.  

What does that mean to any of you? I think you will hardly even notice the change!  I am still going to paint and teach and write and offer classes with my pal, Julie Prichard, online. You just won't get anymore free paint!  My hat will change from Working Artist to Artist Educator.  So I'm still around to tempt you to try new things and encourage you to keep painting. And I will!

This transition means a lot of different things to me. It means letting go of a few things and having the time to grab on to others.  The biggest thing it means is that I  now stand on my own as an artist able to express and interpret, explore and process as I will. It means that I will have a bit more time to pursue projects that I want and to travel a bit (hopefully).  I am excited to see how these new shadows will reveal themselves throughout the days ahead.  I promise to keep you posted.

I hope you will share your life transitions with me as we move forward.

Artfully yours, Chris