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October 2014

Are you done? Not yet.


There is that eternal question?  Am I done? I usually answer one of two ways.  Either "not yet" or "for now."  What is the difference?  If I am at the "not yet" place I am still thinking about the piece, it feels like it hasn't finished speaking to me.  That's a signal to me to wait and ponder.  Ruminate.  A wonderful word.  Think long and deeply.  Some changes are usually in store, but they will eventually reveal themselves. Then there is that other answer:  "For now."  That answer means a lot of things.  It means I am accepting the painting as it is at this moment, but leaving open the possibility that it could evolve either subtly or significantly in the future.  Let me assure you that usually that means there are drastic transformations in store for a painting!  Why do I allow myself this reservation?  Actually it is a wonderful way to freely experiment with complete abandon, try new techniques or just go where I have never been.  

Either way, the goal is to keep painting!

So tell me.  What do you answer when someone says: "Are you done?"  I would love to know!

Artfully yours, Chris