Leaving and returning...work in process
Art & Teaching: Keeping the balance

Playing loosely, looking closely...

IMG_8734Whenever I teach I am always asked if I have a plan or if I know what I am going to paint.  The answer is generally no to both of those questions.  My plan if there is one is first to play with paint.  Play with the properties of paint by applying it on the surface dry or with mediums, play with it on a wet surface, or wet it after I apply it.  The magic starts to happen when I introduce a second color and watch the paint interact, mingle and fuse with the color I applied before.  This process continues as I move the paint about using various tools or techniques.  I can stop or continue at any point.  That is the joy in the process.  When I do stop I wait for things to dry.  I take photos of the surface and look at them on my monitor close up.  What is there awaiting discovery.  It takes me back to sitting outside as a child looking at clouds searching for what could be seen.  It takes relinquishing control and handing it over to your intuitive self.  Learn to look closely and from every direction.  Turn it left, right, upside down.  Something is there waiting.  I'm posting different views from this piece I am working on.  It is Fluid acrylics and High Flow acrylics on Watercolor paper, mostly wet into wet after the first lines which were dry.  It's strong and bold, but there is magic here.  Tell me will you?  What do you see?


and what about here??


Artfully yours, Chris