Directionality...Blog hop and give away time once again
Pushing the process...

Directionality...Blog hop and give away time once again


I have been hopping about a lot lately both figuratively and physically!  Over the last few weeks I have been dealing with knee issues due to my arthritis being out of control and truly have been hopping about or hobbling from place to place.  No fun at all.  So I'm always happy when someone throws me a great new stencil to play with, or better yet and entire set!  Jill K. Berry master of maps and lettering has designed some terrific new stencils with which are fashioned after cartographers' symbols for directions, NSEW. They are called the MAP ART Series and you can find them here.

When I considered how to use these stencils I immediately thought of moments when life shifts your direction in subtle ways away from some things you have been doing and towards others.  I'm pondering that a lot now and am making plans with those shifts in mind.  More about that in a later post.  For now I want you to go blog-hopping to see how these stencils have been used by other artists.  You know what to do.  Leave me a message on the blog and I will pick a winner on May20th and you will be notified by Artistcellar when you win.  Don't worry if your post doesn't show up right away because I moderate them first and will be sure to get them posted.

May 9th - Artistcellar
May 11th - Jane Davenport
May 12th - Orly Avineri
May 13th - Rachel Peterson Urista
May 14th - Jill K Berry -
Thanks for stopping by the blog!  I'm always happy to "see" you!
Artfully yours, Chris