Playing with color...
Directionality...Blog hop and give away time once again

Another birthday...goodness me and goodies for you!


April always brings my beautiful garden and my birthday!  Julie and I decided that we would have an amazing Online Workshop sale to celebrate our birthdays (her's is in two weeks!).  So from April 25 through May 13 all of the workshops that we teach together are on sale for the incredible price of $58.99!  That means you can buy any of these classes:  Color, Beyond the Basics,  Complex CollageTexture town, Chaos & Calm, Pixels and Paint, Mixed Media Melange, or Layer Love 2.0 for that low price.  Just go to Julie's website and select the class you want, pay your money and you are good to go forever!  Yes, that's right, forever.  Our classes are open to you for as long as you need or want them.  We are both here to support you.  

And, just one more thing...Since it is my birthday I want to give someone a gift.  Visit Julie's website and tell me what the color of the banner is at the top of her page and you could win a set of my stencils. Leave a comment here on the blog to let me know.  If you sign up for a class, you will be eligible to win a painting of mine. And don't try to fool me because I will check Julie before I send anything off in the mail! And don't forget to say Happy Birthday!



Artfully yours, Chris