Turning images inside out...



I'm forever collecting seed pods.  What ever started me on this journey I cannot say.   An implied "possibility" is there when you look at the pods in their various states.  In the beginning they are just forming, tiny, tight and holding on to their potential.  As they begin to break open it is as if they are filled with anticipation, anxious to greet what may be ahead.  When they open and the seeds are still within, full and round and heady with life, the ripeness of it all is intoxicating.  So much potential and so many opportunities.  Even when the pod lies spent, empty of its contents, I am fascinated.  Just the pod alone speaks to a job well done, a beautiful vessel for the potential it carried.

As you begin each composition, think of it in terms of the life cycle of the seed pod.  An idea forms tight and unformed.  With nurturing it will ripen and reveal itself to you.  Keep developing it and it will burst forth and complete itself.  The pod that remains is your emblem of completion.  A job well done.

What inspires you?

Artfully yours, Chris