Experimentation: Unlocking the key to your artistic self
Turning images inside out...

Bursting out all over


I'm back in a "do-over" frame of mind.  I'm pulling pieces off the wall and taking them back into the studio for a few days of R & R.  I'm so happy with this lively and fun piece that I may not ever take it back for a do over!  Just goes to show, the more layers the better the piece.  No matter what is going on now, things can always get better.  Good advice for art, good advice for life!  Big plans brewing.  Sending some pieces off to a gallery, planning a workshop in West Virginia for September.  Gearing up to finish the final leg of the book.  Congrats to Julie Prichard for her work featured in Seth Apter's new book.  Read all about it here on his blog.  I've been working with Julie very closely these past couple of years and she is a powerhouse.  Watch out world, here she comes!

Artfully yours, Chris