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April 2014

Another birthday...goodness me and goodies for you!


April always brings my beautiful garden and my birthday!  Julie and I decided that we would have an amazing Online Workshop sale to celebrate our birthdays (her's is in two weeks!).  So from April 25 through May 13 all of the workshops that we teach together are on sale for the incredible price of $58.99!  That means you can buy any of these classes:  Color, Beyond the Basics,  Complex CollageTexture town, Chaos & Calm, Pixels and Paint, Mixed Media Melange, or Layer Love 2.0 for that low price.  Just go to Julie's website and select the class you want, pay your money and you are good to go forever!  Yes, that's right, forever.  Our classes are open to you for as long as you need or want them.  We are both here to support you.  

And, just one more thing...Since it is my birthday I want to give someone a gift.  Visit Julie's website and tell me what the color of the banner is at the top of her page and you could win a set of my stencils. Leave a comment here on the blog to let me know.  If you sign up for a class, you will be eligible to win a painting of mine. And don't try to fool me because I will check Julie before I send anything off in the mail! And don't forget to say Happy Birthday!



Artfully yours, Chris

Playing with color...


There is such exuberance in this piece done on Yupo using both High Flow Acrylics and Fluid acrylics from Golden Artist Colors, Inc.  When I go to the studio and I need to unwind these are the products I reach for these days.  The Yupo surface is smooth and non-absorbent and the paints go from wet to wetter.  The only other things I need are a pot of water and a few brushes and tools.  I love guiding the paint from one spot to the next, or dragging a fan brush through a puddle.  Dropping the High Flow colors from high above the surface into a pool of water on the Yupo will give me a great  "splat" of color that flings droplets here and there and spreads into the wet areas like silk.  Add another drop and watch the colors co-mingle creating a third color like magic.  This process is like meditation for me.  It is as if the colors flowing across the surface fill me with a sense of calm and relaxation.  Just thought I would share!  Tell me, what do you do when you need to unwind?

Artfully yours, Chris

More stellar stencils! Blog Hop and giveaway fun...


It's been a banner year for stencils and I'm enjoying the opportunity to play with the new designs coming my way from  Lisa and Michael are releasing more wonderful designs this month named Quasicrystals in a set of four individual stencils: Penrose, Fibo,Infra, & Quasi. Naturally you can purchase them separately.  Click here  for details and images. I used a combination of them on my pieces and found that they played really well together allowing me to make a tonal background for the piece above very easily.  I varied the colors of my night sky with Iridescent silver, Iridescent Pearl, and Titantium white Fluid Acrylics by Golden.  

IMG_4486In this piece I did an abstracted playful design, once again layering colors and stencil patterns from the Quasicrystals set.  I even mixed some blue glitter into my regular gel gloss to create a textured glitter surface when I pushed it through the stencil.  Loved that effect!

Here is the blog hop schedule!  You know the drill.  Visit the blogs, leave a message and you'll up your chances to win a set of stencils.  I'll be drawing my winner on Monday April 21st.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

April 12 – Lisa Cousineau

April 13 – Chris Cozen

April 14 – Lynn Krawczyk

April 15 – Effy Wild

April 16 – Jill K Berry

April 17 – Carmen Whitehead

April 18 - Lea Cioci

April 19 – Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal


Artfully yours, Chris