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Happy to share my heart with hop and giveaway fun!


I've had so much fun playing with some new stencils from over the last couple of weeks.   This new stencil set is called "Sacred Hearts" and typically would not be something I might pick up to work with in my usual style. As you already know,  I'm usually into pattern stencils.  But I was challenged to get into the groove by the arrival of the stencils (there are 4 in the set, but each can be purchased separately).  I happily played with all of the stencils (I sent some of the pieces right on to Lisa and Michael to post) but really bonded with this one with the roses.  My garden is just about ready to burst into rose amazement any day now.   What is always the most fun is seeing what a wide range of effects can be achieved with just one stencil.  This piece resulted from the happy accident of flipping over the stencil after I had just squeegeed light molding paste through it.  I decided to save the remaining molding paste onto a new board by taking my palette knife and scraping the extra through the flipped over stencil.  Wow, when I lifted it I had the reverse of the stencil in a soft shallow layer.  Once it was dry I took to it with lightly tinted bleeds of fluid acrylics.  I love the aged almost papier mache look of it!  Don't forget to leave a comment so you can have a chance to win your own set!  You know the drill. No comment, no chance!  Enjoy.

Be sure to check out the entire blog hop for more chances to win your own set of "Sacred Hearts!"

March 29th – AC kickoff

March 30th – Jill K Berry

March 31st – Chris Cozen

April 1st – Effy Wild

April 2nd – Tamara Laporte -

April 3rd – Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal

I'll be picking a winner on April 10th!

Artfully yours, Chris

Embracing green...

It is spring and the world is awakening in all shades of green.  I love green.  I think of it as magical and life-affirming.  When I was a small child and my only art materials were crayons and a coloring book I would co,or all the page with other colors then add the green at last.  It was amazing to me van with my child eyes how transforming it was.  I have learned since then the joys of mixing greens from the various blues and yellows in my paint box.  Every combination yields a different shade.  What are your favorite blue - green combos.  I would love to know.

By the way...Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Artfully yours, Chris

What is on the horizon...


Lately I seem to be  painting a lot of landscapes.  There is something quite expansive about a horizon line that develops across the canvas, allowing me to reach far beyond where I can see from where I stand. Rarely are these compositions based on someplace real.  Mostly they are an amalgam of the many horizon lines I have seen over the years.  It's the ability to construct and develop the spaces that satisfies me.  We don't often have the opportunity to construct a reality just as we want it to be.  These landscapes are sometimes spare and othertimes filled with nooks and crannies as if teaming with the lives of the imaginary peoples that inhabit them.  Yes, I have an active and vibrant imagination and with paint, paper, and a few tools I can create a viewpoint from which I can see for miles.  You should try it, you can't beat the airfare!

Speaking of airfare...I'll be heading up to Salem, OR in a week or so to do some teaching and visit with family and friends.  I hope I get to meet some of my friends from the Pacific Northwest!  Come see me Friday evening  and Sunday at Runaway Arts & Crafts for some fun classes or Saturday at The Art Department.  That's the weekend of March 14-16, 2014!  


Artfully yours, Chris