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December 2013

Winter days...


It's nearing the end of another year.  2013 has been amazing all around.  The success of our book Acrylic Solutions and the DVD's that pair with it has been energizing, along with the fun project of designing stencils with Artistcellar.  I've done more than my share of teaching this year as well and have met so many terrific people.  I thank each of you because you are who inspire me to come up with more and more ways to make acrylics sing!  It takes the combination of your enthusiasm and my imagination to get the wheels turning. Your quesstions always fuel my mind to seek ways to respond with creative solutions or techniques.  I hope you never stop asking questions. 

At times it gets so busy with the teaching part that I forget to paint for myself.  The winter light darkens the studio by 3 in the afternoon and I don't like painting with artificial light.  I did get to spend a bit of time remaking a piece this week.  It's on it's third life actually.  I will post the last life at the end.  This piece just feels like winter to me.  I live in SoCal as you know.  But winter changes here too.  The mornings can be foggy and sometimes frosty and by late afternoon the sky takes on that blue almost gray color we know as Paynes' Gray.  There are mountains all around Pasadena.  Winter is the best time to see them.  So here is to winter days whereever you are, to new beginnings in 2014, to more inspiration and to continued artful adventures.


Artfully yours, Chris

Text and Texture...what a combo! New stencils from Artistcellar and Jill Berry. That means a giveaway is in order!

IMG_3665She stood with her back to the sun...12/2013


I am ALWAYS happy to receive new stencils in the mail to work with.  When I first opened Jill Berry's new designs I will have to say I was not only happy, but very inspired.  I love text and Jill does text like no one else.  With Jill's designs the text is mysterious and playful, textural and strong.  What's not to love.  So I'm  here to say, these are a must.  You know how this plays out.  Leave me a comment and I'll pick a winner.  But personally, I would order a set today!  Then you'll be able to create some winning additions to your art work!  Don't just leave a message on my blog, check out all the other amazing participants and see how they have utilized the stencils in this set!

Each artist in the list below will be giving away a FREE set of stencils to one lucky winner who leaves a comment AND their contact info. (This part is very important! Leave an email so they can contact you.) Each artist will decide when they will pick a winner so be sure to read the post. The schedule will be as follows:

*12/7 Artistcellar
*12/9 Sketchbook Challenge/Jill
*12/10 Brian Kasstle
*12/11 Mel Kolstad
*12/12 Kim Rae Nugent
*12/14 Effy Wild
*12/15 Tamara Laporte
*12/16 Jane Davenport
*12/18 Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal                             
 *12/19 Jill Berry

But wait… there’s more! The Artistcellar Design Team will also be giving away a set of stencils. Each day you will have a chance to leave a comment on that designers post for a chance to win. So that’s FIVE extra chances to win. Of course you can always buy TEXTures 2 by Jill Berry on the website.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

Have a wonderful December!

Artfully yours, Chris