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Art as "Soul Food"...



I'm part of an international artful adventure called "Soul Food" which launches in December.  I was asked to participate many months ago and it has been a work in process for all the particpants.  The very nature of the title compelled me to participate for a number of reasons.  First art is my soul food, pure and simple.  I am happiest when I'm painting and creating and lost in a world of color and design. I love sharing art with people.  There is also another reason.  This unique adventure pairs art and food!  What a combination!  Each of the many (36) artists participating are sharing art and a recipe that nourishes the soul either through the associations, the tastes, or the experience of preparing it. If you want to enroll, we would LOVE to have you join us.  Just click here for info.


I'm giving away a free spot in this class to someone who reads this blog.  If for some reason I select someone who has already enrolled then that person can give away the free spot to a friend.  Just leave a comment as to why art nourishes your soul and a way to contact you and I'll pick the winner the Monday after Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderful week and nourish your soul with some art and the delicious tastes of this bountiful season.

Artfully yours, Chris

A little bit of magic....

You all already know how I love stencils and that I use them a lot.  I've loved stencils for a very long time and it is such a pleasure to see wonderful designs popping up almost daily.  Artistcellar has released a new set that is delightfully whimsical and it arrived just in time for my classes last weekend which used a lot of stenciling.  They were a big hit!  The artist is Tamara LaPorte (a/k/a Willowing).  You all may know her.  You can visit her blog tomorrow.  In the meantime let me share what I made to take to my grandsons Wednesday when I go across the US to visit them.  I used the cute "city scene" in one of the "whimsy" set to do a pop-up version and expanded it as well.  The words are from the second set(inspiration) and just finish off the piece delightfully. 

And...two readers will get a prize!  I have a set of stencils for two people.  One of you will get Tam's Whimsy set and one of you Tam's inspiration please leave a comment and contact information on my blog so we can pick a winner early next week!  No go do some stenciling!




I also made a little "good night" piece to take them using part of a stencil from Tam's Second set of stencils,  on a black background using interference and iridescent paint to make the colors really glow.
Please visit all the past blog participants to see what they have done with Tam's new signature series at and while you are visiting the website be sure to pick up a set of my stencils from them as well.  

10/28 Dawn DeVries Sokol
10/29 Carla Sonheim
11/1 Effy Wild
11/3 Jane Davenport
11/5 Tamara Laporte
Artfully yours, Chris