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October 2013


Of all the thousands of pictures I took when we spent a month in Italy recently, I chose this one to talk about today.  Why?  This small patch of wall was found in a hill city in Tuscany and is a testimony to the tradition of reusing and reinventing.  Found in this wall are elements from previous cultures, eras, other buildings, tombs, and more.  I have encountered these kinds of sites in many places I have traveled.  You see it in the ancient wall in the old city of Jerusalem where the Temple had been destroyed and rebuilt using bits and pieces from what had been rubble.

I liken this to the process we use when we do collage and assemblage.  Our "gatherer" genes hate to see things that are useful, beautiful, or interesting go to waste.  As you glean your supplies for your next mixed media or collage projects I hope you recognize that you are part of a long tradition. Over the weeks ahead I will share more inspiration with you.  In the meantime keep your eyes open for the little visual treasures around you.  I'm happy to be home again and back in the studio, with new inspirations and ideas to act upon.

Artfully yours, Chris