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A little bit of magic...

It always amazes me how something catches on.  Take the Gelli Plate for example or stencils.  I see so many posts about people making page after page of prints on their Gelli plate using various stencils.  My curiosity is up.  What are you doing with all of these prints?  My imagination sees stacks of papers printed and a little voice crying out "use me."  So I'm going to share How I use prints I pull from the little 6x6 plate I have in my studio.  I like tearing those prints up and inserting them into my collage /mixed -media work.  Little bits of pattern really pick up background interest a lot.  I also like using them to develop structure.  Tearing long strips and adhering them to a blank background really helps me get a focus on a composition.  You can learn more about this idea of "structure" in my book (with Julie Prichard):  Acrylic Solutions:  Exploring Mixed Media Layer by Layer.

Today I wanted to do try to create my own spin on this current rage.  I got out my little plate, my favorite stencils (I do have a lot of stencils, you know.) and decided to try to shake things up with printing on black paper.  That immediately got me thinking about using interference and iridescent paints with my colors so that the paints would really POP off the surface.  I am thrilled with the  result and now have a handy stack of magnificent collage pieces to add to my future work.  The best part is when I tear that black paper I get a fabulous black line.  How much better can that get?

OK, so 'fess up.  This is the audience participation part.  What are YOU doing with all your Gelli-plate prints?  I really do want to know!  I'll send someone an envelope with some of my metallic prints for the most creative answer.  No random numbers, just my fave.  Leave your email somewhere in the post!


Artfully yours, Chris