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June 2013

Summer time teaching...summer time fun

This spring and summer promises to be lively!  My schedule is filled with teaching and traveling opportunities.  I just finished up at CREATE Mixed Media Retreat in Orange County where I taught 4 classes and met so many great new people, got to spend time with new friends and old bouncing around potentially awesome ideas for the future.  I unloaded, packed my bags and went to visit old friends in Memphis, TN for a few days.  My dearest friend from Memphis is an amazing watercolorist whose passion is for birds, especially owls these days.  Now I'm packing up for a quick trip up to Spokane, WA  at the end of June at Spokane Art Supply where my friend MaryJo McGraw has organized a 2-day workshop exploring mixed-media in my my favorite wacky style.  I'll only be gone 4 days, but I am confident that the time there will be filled with lots of color, whimsy, fun and best of all new artful friends.  

Julie Prichard is busy converting our classes in the Land of Lost Luggage  from Ning Network a new format, so I'll be manning the forums for a couple of weeks in early July while she navigates the transition. Lots of good changes coming up after the transition, so be patient with us as things unfold.  

Last but not least on the travel schedule this summer is a quick trip to Phoenix for Art Unraveled 2013.  I hope if you are planning to go you'll stop by and say hello or catch me sometime as I pass through the air-conditioned hallways to introduce yourselves.

Summer travel is always fun, especially when there are artful adventures on the horizon.  What are you planning to do this summer?  Will it include some artful explorations?

Artfully yours, Chris

Seeing the shadows


It is June in Southern California.  That means a few things.  The sun doesn't come out all morning, preferring to loll around behind a heavy marine layer and sleep late.  That starts me thinking about shadows, since I really love shadows.  Without the sun casting about and playing with shape and form, the shadows can't be seen.  Are they still there?  I'm going to believe they are.  I love shadows as they make me think more abstractly and cause me to morph things into other possibilities.  I've posted a couple of "shadow shots" here for you.  The umbrella/leaf shot (I filtered it here) was taken on our last trip to Italy at a lovely outdoor cafe. The broad white canvas umbrella was the perfect foil for the leaf forms as the sun poured down overhead.  I have used this shot many times in photo manipulation pieces. 2012 07 25_0304

This was shot at a gallery in San Francisco last year.  An amazing exhibition of fiber work by a Japanese artist was being shown with incredible lighting.  I could not take my eyes or camera off the shadows that were being cast on the walls behind.  It was a painting in the making. IMG_9402

Although this shot has been manipulated, it really shows off the shadows cast by the movement of the Koi swimming in this pond as well as those cast by the foilage above.  I absolutely love this photo and will one day paint it. 

The other thing June means to me these years is a visit from my amazing daughter Emily Cozen Todd.  She comes home to visit in June for a couple days before she heads off to work meetings.  She lives in Seattle now and I really love it when I have her home for a visit.  She helped me spruce up my banner on the blog and update my website.  She trained at Savannah College of Art and Design and is a whiz.  What would have taken me 15 days took her about 30 minutes.  So thank you my lovely and very talented daughter for the "make-over".

So, whether you live in CA which is currently under the clouds or somewhere that is presently sunny, I'd love to hear about your shadows.  Stop by and share.



























Artfully yours, Chris