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All hopped out...but happy!

I don't know when my fascination with pods began, but I have quite a collection of them.  They are both direct and mysterious.  Pods are direct because they have a purpose, an intention.  Pods are mysterious because they hold things inside of them and sometimes there are surpises.  Pods are a metaphor for life and creativity.  We must pursue with intention and continue to delve into what is not yet known or discovered.

 Creating a stencil line was a fun goal for me.  You may know that I am a bit of a stencil nut.  Actually it's a long established affection.  I started stenciling when my now adult daughters needed "cute" sweatshirts and money was tight.  A stencil, some paint and a few stitches of embellishment and my love affair began.  For years it was difficult to find good stencil for using in art.  Not any more thanks to companies like Artistcellar, StencilGirl, Green Pepper Press, and istencils.  I support all of them and appreciate their combined efforts to provide artful designs for us to use freely and creatively in our work.

This week during the blog hop I had help from an amazing group of artful colleagues who jumped on board and showed all of you just what an amazing tool a stencil can be in the hands of an artist. I hope you all followed the hop and saw what was created.  A huge shout out and thank you goes to all of you:


Lisa & Michael Cousineau at Artistcellar 
 Seth Apter at The Altered Page
 MaryBeth Shaw at The Common Denominator
 Jane Lafazio  at Janeville

I encourage you to keep following their blogs and discover the exciting things they are bringing to our creative world.  Of course there are all those giveaways from both Artistcellar (free Playful Pod Stencil sets) and North Light (A free copy of Acrylic Solutions:  Exploring Mixed Media Layer by Layer and a copy of my DVD on Texture and Value.) to get us excited!
 I get to give away a set of stencils too! AND my book giveaway will be a "signed" copy with both mine and Julie's signatures! Another lucky person is going to win this piece of art:
the hand carved stamp I used on it!
All you have to do is comment on the blog (be sure your correct email is listed) by Sunday May 26 and you will be entered to win!
I'll use a random number generator to pick the winner and then I'll get in touch!
As an extra incentive to keep up with what is happening in my world,  I'm sending the person who puts me over 500 likes on my Chris Cozen Artist Facebook Page the art that is at the top of this page. 
Thanks to ALL of you who have celebrated this launch with me!
Here's to your artful adventures.




Artfully yours, Chris

Reaching across...Cyber Colleagues

Altered Perception by Holly Dean

I have to admit that I am a very hands-on kind of person.  Becoming fluent with blogging and Facebook has not been an easy task for me.  When Julie Prichard and I first started working together I wanted to just be the "idea" person, not onscreen and especially not looking at the camera! I am really good with being in front of an actual audience or class full of students, but cyber people was just plain weird to me.  How would I be able to read their eyes or see their questions in their body movements?  Anyhow, Julie eased me into it and I got over that.  Then she pushed me to blog more and make FB pages.  Once the classes we do on The Land of Lost Luggage got up and running I found that the interactions within our forums were like private tutelage.  We got to "know" our students work, their hesitations, their strengths.  Pretty soon it was clear that some of these students were our colleagues and we were learning from each other.  The questions asked within an online class gave us pause, created new ideas, and helped us to solve and resolve issues for others.

I want to give a shout out to all of you who have been taking classes with us and tell you that you have made me grow and learn as an instructor.  You have helped me move pass my own limitations and find new avenues to explore.  Best of all I count a number of you as friends and colleagues and I celebrate your contributions to the world of mixed media.  The interactions you provide keep me focused on my own growth while I work to foster the growth of others.  You keep me reaching for new techniques, new ways of seeing things.  I applaud you today.


Artfully yours, Chris

Spilling over...


Can you find all the stencil designs on this piece?

What a year this has been so far!  It started off with the release of my DVD series on Acrylic Solutions which were produced  through , then at the end of March came our book Acrylic Solutions: Exploring Mixed Media Layer by Layer!  That should have been enough you say?  Well I wanted something playful to do so I asked Lisa and Michael at if they would be interested in some stencil designs.  If you know my work you can already guess they are Pods.  There is going to be a fabulous Blog Hop with some really terrific people participating and some fabulous give aways including the stencils (of course!) and some other pretty special stuff courtesy of North Light.
You'll want to stop in at Artistcellar this morning ( to see what you have to do to get in on the fun and games.
Then we HOP to:
Monday May 13         Seth Apter (

Tuesday May 14        MaryBeth Shaw  (

Wednesday May 15    Maryjo McGraw  (

Thursday May 16        Jane LaFazio  (

Friday May 17             Pam Carriker  (

Saturday May 18        Jeanette House  (

and finally back to me on

Sunday May 19           Chris Cozen  (
You'll want to leave comments on all the blogs and let them know I sent you!  A special thank you to all these amazing artists/friends that have agreed to share in the fun.
PS: Did I mention there was going to be FREE stuff?  Oh, and lots of it?  

Artfully yours, Chris

Pushing past...

So much of what goes on inside my head and then in the studio is about exploration and discovery. I keep pushing the boundaries of what I know and understand and then  push past them into the unknown.  When I started this artful adventure 13 years ago I never thought I would be doing what my life has be doing now:  writing books, teaching workshops, blogging, FB and lecturing.  I thought I would spend time in my studio painting  and playing my days away.  Every day brings new discoveries not only about art but about myself.  When I was a child I hated giving reports or speaking up in class.  I was so shy that it made me shake to think I was next up to read.  I laugh at that because I often teach or lecture in front of lots of people now.  That shy person must still be hanging around somewhere, but she allows me to talk happily about what I feel passionate about.  

In a few days I'll be announcing something else I've been able to get accomplished. It's just a little something but it is pretty cool to have gotten the opportunity to do it and then share it with all of you.  Have you taken any risks that have taken you out of your understanding of yourself and made you rethink things?  I hope you will share.

Artfully yours, Chris