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You say Molding Paste and I will ask you, "which one?"  There are a few to choose from and I thought I would tell you more about some of them.  The "original" Molding Paste is one I truly love to use.  It has the ability to give you such varied surfaces, takes impressions well, can be glazed, painted, rubbed, inked and more.  It feels cool to the touch when it is dry and is slightly gray-white in color.  It's very smoothness is its greatest attraction.  It's like painting on venetian plaster or porcelain.  This is because it has marble dust in it.  You can take advantage of its non-porous surface by using numerous glazes.  Take a soft cloth after and burnish the surface to make it glow.  Try it with some iridescent or interference colors as well.  Totally wonderful.

Then of course there is Light Molding Paste, the marshmallow creme of the family.  It is fluffy and billowy.  When it is dry it resembles and feels like watercolor paper.  Use it to draw on as well.  It takes wet paint like a mad person, pulling it deep down into the surface and letting it bloom.  Mop up the wet paint and you can be back to white if you act quickly.  It loves to be put through stencils and will give you a lovely crisp edge.  Mix it with paint to get tinted marshmallow cremes to spread on your canvas.

Not to be outdone of course is Coarse Molding Paste. This textured, crystalline member of the family is a fascinating character.  Piled on heavily it gives excellent coverage with a gritty surface, applied thinly it is translucent and toothy.  Excellent for incising with a pointed tool, writing upon with any number of implements, and fabulous when pigment is added to it.  I love how wet paint responds to its toothy surface and enjoy it because it's toothy surface grabs ahold of any number of chalks, pencils, or crayons.

Of course you know that I am talking only about Golden's Molding Pastes.  Check out the inside info about them here and here and here.  

Most of us have a little experience with at least one of these products, but I ask you have you tried  layering them or applying more than one of them to a single surface?  I want to know your experiences with Molding Pastes.  Will you share?


Artfully yours, Chris