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Spaces in the sky...

When I'm on a drive to anywhere I'm always looking at the clouds.  The sky has endless fascination for me.  I grew up in Florida where the sky was always filled with clouds and each morning and evening was graced with gorgeous colors in keeping with the tropical climate, pinks, oranges, yellows, purples, and more.  The clouds there are breathtaking and of infinite variety.  One day they will look as if they are a field freshly plowed, the next filled with the fluffiest, rotund clouds imaginable.  When we encounter a cloud filled sky in California I am ecstatic.  One such day graced my life recently on a trip to and from Palm Springs.  There is a point on this journey when you enter a magical zone...the temperature and climate change dramatically and there is always a difference in the sky.  I love going through that "zone" flanked on each side by hundred upon hundred of wind machines gathering up the winds that flee through the pass.  It was a glorious sky day and a glorious sky night upon our return.  What have you seen in the sky recently?  Any surprises?
Artfully yours, Chris

OPENly playing with paint...


Last Saturday morning was the Plein Air Paintout Launch in Riverside.  The morning was beautiful and sunny.  The air was February fresh, clear with a cloudless sky.  A lovely, lovely day.  I arrived around 8:30 to set up the table for a morning of demo work with OPEN acrylics.  The first thing I did was squeeze out about a teaspoon of paint in a variety of colors on a coated paper palette sheet. No special treatment, just a good squeeze.  I started playing with the paint and soon enough a number of participants stopped by to see what was going on.  The table was busy from then on.  We worked from that original palette adding paint as we needed all morning long in direct sunlight with only a small umbrella to mediate the intensity of the sun.  We added NO water and utilized the OPEN acrylic medium to thin the paint as needed.  

It is always such a thrill to verify the qualities of these paints.  Golden Artist Colors, Inc. worked for a long time with great intention to insure that the properties of OPEN acrylics would do just what they did on Saturday morning.  When I went to wrap up the table at a bit after noon, the paint remaining on the palette sheet was still wet and viable.  

If you are at all considering changing from Oil to Acrylic, be sure to think seriously about this option.  If you are already an acrylic painter and haven't experienced these delicious paints (in all your favorite Golden colors), then get out there and do it! As an added bonus, the OPEN paints are completely compatible with all your other Golden Paints.  No more excuses, give them a try.  Get outside and paint as soon as the weather allows.

Artfully yours, Chris

The pleasure of a job well done...

Today I got to sit down and enjoy the results of a project that has been a big focus of my life for the past two years.  I've written many times about the book Julie Prichard and I have been working on for a long time now.  Well, today the preview copy arrived by FedEx and I happily tore open the box to get a look at it.   It did not disappoint.  Acrylic Solutions: Exploring  Mixed Media Layer by Layer is beautiful, informative, and practically designed. I want to say thank you to ALL of you who made this journey not only possible but exciting through your active participation in all our online classes in The Land of Lost Luggage.  You are the reason why the book even happened.  North Light guided us, but you inspired us!  
If you have pre-ordered the book, you don't have long to wait.  It will be released around the 23 of March, 2013.  Between our online classes, the DVD series through North Light, and now the book we have the bases covered.  But don't worry, we still have some tricks up our sleeves.
Artfully yours, Chris

Looking up, out and all around...

Grid copy
I spent a wonderful morning doing a lecture/demo with a painting group.  There were so many questions about paint and technique, products and possibilities.  I can't stress enough the value in really knowing your materials and looking for versatility from them.  Acrylics are great because for the most part they operate within a compatible system.  They all play so well together and are quite agreeable within certain boundaries.  It reminded me of when I worked in Early Childhood Education.  Parents and children all jumbled together, one group arranging opportunities to get together, ready to jump in the car and go home with friends.  Really, working with acrylics is like that.  Put a few products together and the outcome will be compatible, interesting and playful.  I'm always ready to try something new.  Remember, get out your supplies, quit hoarding them and get them busy playing together.  You won't regret it.  They will only get bored and lonely sitting in the cabinet!  Have fun.
BTW:  The DVD's are ready to purchase at NorthLight Shop.  
Artfully yours, Chris