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January 2013

This piece is currently under construction. It's going to make a visit to Photoshop Elements soon and get one makeover then will be returned to the studio to get another. Will post them both in the near future!

Artfully yours, Chris

Layer upon layer...

IMG_2931 copy
I just got back from visiting my daughter and grandchildren in Ohio.  The kids are now 4 1/2 and almost 2 so things are really hopping in their household.  Hours of time get spent reading and pretending and bathing and dressing and playing.  It is magical to be with grandchildren.  The most magical part about it is that I feel like I am in two places at one time.  My memories of my daughter at her children's ages are still so vivid and yet I am playing with her children.  Talk about layers...layers of reality and time, layers of memory and experience.  Life is all about layers.  What we show, what we hide, what we admit, what we deny.  It is easy to see why working in layers makes sense.  We can experience our process so much more fully when we work in layers.  Each one enhances or modifies, limits or expands the next.   In this photo shop image I played with several layers of two photos:

  Arizona 088
The edge of a cacti and

This picture I took at the Dale Chihuly exhibit in Seattle a few weeks ago.

As I changed the light, inverted the colors, layered the images and added some "brushes" through the magic of Photoshop the composition fell into place.  It so reminds me of the kaleidoscopes that so fascinated by now a mom daughter in Ohio. 


Artfully yours, Chris

A sense of accomplishment...

These DVD's arrived on my doorstep yesterday without any pomp and circumstance.  Their plain brown boxes hiding the colorful covers waiting inside.   I experienced a tremendous sense of accomplishment when I saw them in their completed form.  This was a big project for me and I am thrilled that I could see it through to this point.  In these videos I try to share what I know in an accessible and easily understood manner.  I've been a teacher for most of my life and it is important to me that instruction is sound and straightforward.  I hope you enjoy learning from them as much as I enjoyed making them.  Thanks to for their support and professionalism.  They were amazing and made my time there a real pleasure and success.
Artfully yours, Chris

Seeing the light...

Untitled 31

I'm in Palm Springs for a few days with some dear friends.  We are attending a film festival in Palm Springs.  We are staying East of Palm Springs in another desert city called Palm Desert.  It is home to many of the artful friends that I have worked with through Venus Studios Art Supply for the past few years.  As we were driving from Palm Desert to Palm Springs at about 3 pm yesterday afternoon the sun began to drop over the tall mountains that ring the valley here.  Right before our eyes the majestic palms that are so quintessentially California turned into tinsel-strewn light machines.  There was a breeze and as the fronds caught the breeze they reflected the sun light so magically that the entire 10 mile ride was filled with dancing lights.  It was amazing.  I want you to watch the light and see the magic.  Will you do that?  Let me know.  Don't forget to visit Artists Network and see the teaser for my new DVD's.  While you are at it check out the interview I did for them.  I hope your day is filled with magical light sources.


Artfully yours, Chris

My thoughts...and more


After many months of worrying how all this would turn out, I got to see this interview today and it all makes sense.  Right after filming the last DVD (6 hours or more of tape time) and during a pretty bad sore throat we did the sit down interview in this video.  I hope you enjoy it.  It is my truth.



Artfully yours, Chris