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November 2012

Looking beyond the obvious...


I had to share this latest art adventure with you before I burst!  I LOVE how this turned out.  But you should see how it began...hold on, let me find that image.



Yes, this is what it started like.  Then more paint and then more pattern and pretty soon, you get the picture.  Well, I'm loving this process right now.  It is completely intuitive and you just keep working at it until something completely wonderful shows up.  Most of the time it does and that is what keeps you coming back for more.  I'm working on Canson Watercolor Board and it is 16x20 in size.  Fabulous surface and takes a lot of abuse.  Fluid Acrylics, OPEN acrylics, stencils, papers, pastel pencil and lots of imagination.  Enjoy!

By the way, time is counting down and if anyone is looking for art for gifts please get in touch!

Artfully yours, Chris

Go where it leads you...Mixed Media

I often get asked if I know what I am going to paint when I start working.  My answer is "usually not." I paint because I love to.  I paint because everytime it is a grand adventure into the unknown and I love going where it leads me.  I want to share the evolution of a whimsical piece I just finished. 

2012 08 22_0077
Step one:  This was one of a series of soft backgrounds I was working on for another project.  It did not make the cut so I was left with this beautiful background and it was begging to be acted upon. It is on 16 x 20 Watercolor board is fluid acrylics, screens, some color pencil, some Open acrylics and lots of water.

I went looking for things and found all these wonderful creatures being watched by a woman.  It looked like such a party!  I started pushing back the background where the creatures were with more OPEN acrylics and OPEN medium to create less busy-ness. 


Well, look what happened!  Some bits of collage, more paint, some more color pencil and the party came fully to life.  Embrace the potential of very piece you begin.  Look carefully to find what is waiting to be discovered.  It is always amazing!  Enjoy!

Artfully yours, Chris

Seizing inspiration however late...


These irises were growing in a small garden off one of the monk's room in the Pavia Certosa. The day we visited was damp and cloudy and spring was just beginning to show its color.  These irises were so striking against the old wall that I knew I would paint them one day.  When that would be I wouldn't know.  But recently I was in the mood to do a little repurposing of old paintings and decided to go for the moment and paint the irises. 


The old texture that was on the previous painting really played into the old stucco of the wall in the photo.  Use your camera to capture moments so that you can revisit your inspiration when you have time.  What pictures are you dreaming about painting?  Please share.

Don't forget to visit The Land of Lost Luggage for the Art Gallery Tour each Friday in November!  You are in for a real treat and lots of inspiration. 


Artfully yours, Chris

Get set...


In just a short time the Art Gallery Tour will open and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful collection of art that our students in The Land of Lost Luggage have created.  We are so proud of the many, many students we serve and want to share their work with the world.  Enjoy.  Head over to today and check it out.  Leave a comment, say hello, get to know each other.  We are all in this artful community together!

Artfully yours, Chris