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September 2012

Here's to tenacity...

Sept11 035
I smile every time I see a seedling take root in a crevice, or find grasses growing on the roof.  It makes me happy to find a flower sprouting out of the bark of a fern, or find a tomato plant growing up and through a shrub.  I salute the tenacity of nature and the strenghth in those tiny roots.  We all need tenacity and a tiny bit of audacity to muscle our way through life sometimes.  It takes courage to make changes, to sprout new wings, and try new things.

All summer I have watched as this volunteer tomato plant grew bigger as it reached for the light.  You see it had sprouted up behind a shrub under the shady eave of our house.  Not very much direct sunlight, if any, ever crossed its' path.  But it kept growing and stretching and pretty soon it got its' branches and leaves into the sun.  The flowers started, then the fruit formed.  Now there is an incredible number of sweet plump cherry tomatoes waiting for me to pluck them into my mouth.

All this bounty from a cast off seed.  Did the seed land there because a racoon stole a tomato from last year's plants?  Was it a rotten one that someone didn't to eat during  one last year's barbeques? I'll never know how that seed got in that peculiar location.  It doesn't matter.  What matters is the message:  Keep reaching for the sun.  Be tenacious in your pursuits.  Embrace your potential.

Here's to all my students, near and far.  Here's to all of you working on your art somewhere, trying new things, making mistakes, and continuing to explore.  Her is to tenacity.  May it always be part of our life!


Artfully yours, Chris

How did it get to be September?

BeFunky_OldPhoto_14The gears in my head have been turning and churning for so long that somehow we have slipped into September and I hardly felt the time go by.  I hope that all of you out there in cyberland have had a busy and mentally challenging (in a good way, of course) 2012.  I've been busy with all kinds of projects, both work and personal.  It keeps me out of trouble for the most part.  The last edits of my book with Julie Prichard, "Acrylic Solutions: Exploring Mixed Media Layer by Layer" are just around the corner. Next week I'm heading to Ohio to see the grandboys (almost 4 and 18 mos.) and shoot the DVD's that will be ready in time for the book. The main bathroom has been stripped to the studs and is 1/2 way through a major redo.  Still waiting for the tile to arrive and when it is done I'll let you in on the reveal.  In the meantime we are coping here with a tiny 3/4 bath with no storage. To compensate  I'm planning some vacation time in October with a visit to Sedona, AZ.  I think that should make for some amazing photos.  In November I head home to Florida for a family celebration marking the 100th anniversary of when my great-grandfather settled in Florida.  Some of my cousins still live on the land he purchased then and it will be a very special event.  In a couple of weeks it will be the start of the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah.  As I do every year, I will pray for peace in the world which will return the men and women of the armed forces to their own families, I will pray that we can find a way to resolve the struggles that face so many every day whether it be lack of work, healthcare, or security for the future.  If only we could find a way to live together without discord.  I'll pray for that too!  Maybe we all should.  Bless you all and keep up your art-making.
Artfully yours, Chris