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July 2012

A sense of calm


I spent a lot of this week cleaning out the studio and boxing up things that could be useful to others.  Every so often I feel the need to weed things out and restore a sense of calm in my creative space. As creative types we all "see the potential" in so many things others would pass by.  We are collectors and experimenters, we are savers and inventors.  I reached back into the far corner of the bottom cabinet and found Fimo and Sculpey that dated back to my daughter's teen obsession with the clay.  I think it might still be ok because it was still flexible.  Who knew?  I got her permission (she's now almost 33 and has no real interest in making beads any more) to give it to anyone who would take it.  I came across little paper treasures from my kids, pictures of my family and all in all these made the hot dirty work of cleaning up much more enjoyable.  Have you mucked out your creative space recently?  What treasures did you find?


PS:  If you missed the "Bits & Pieces" post I did a while ago, it's not too late.  Go back and read it and you can get in on the fun.

Artfully yours, Chris

The Balancing Act...

July2012 004

I spent the weekend teaching a wonderful group of women.  There were so many questions about color, pattern, line and how to make it all work together in a pleasing and interesting composition. At the core of every piece of art is a balancing act.  How much pattern can you add without causing everything to spin out of kilter?   How many colors before it gets too crazy?  Can there be too many details or too few lines?  It is all very subjective.  When I spend time with people in class I discover that there are so many unanswered questions about everything we do as artists.  What do I advise them first?  Get to know your materials, find out what is possible with the products you own, and then practice and discover what make your eyes happy.  Give up trying to micro-manage your materials and let them teach you what is possible. Make mistakes!  When we play we can learn so much more easily!  How's your balancing act going these days?  Any questions for me?

Artfully yours, Chris

On the lookout for inspiration...

Tripjune 174

I always travel with my camera on my person.  It has saved me so much money over the years, LOL.  If I am in camera mode I am not interested in what is inside the shops as much as what is hiding in plain view for me to gain inspiration from.  This "landscape" image is actually a weld on a boat that was land-docked in the Pacific Northwest coastal town.  These welded seams were so abstract and simple that I shot a number of closeups .  The colorations of the polished metal around the seams was subtle and inviting just as is without any touchups or editing.  Keep your eyes open for what is waiting there for you.

Artfully yours, Chris