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May 2012

Seeing through the eyes of experience


Yesterday I had the incredible pleasure to view an exhibition at the Orange County Museum of Art by famed Los Angeles artist, Richard Diebenkorn.  For twenty years he focused on a series of immense works that consisted of spaces and lines and color. My husband's 90 year old aunt, Ruth C. Snyder worked for many years in a studio space near Diebenkorn during this period.  Ruth really wanted to visit the exhibit so we drove into Los Angeles, picked her up and drove to Orange County to the exhibition.  Seeing the art through Ruth's eyes was quite amazing.  Since she is still painting prolifically herself, Ruth was engaged in every color nuance and stroke detail on Diebenkorn's surfaces.  She desperately wanted to touch the surface and was once admonished by a young attendant to step away!  Since Ruth graduated from Otis in 1958 she has had quite her own career over the years moving between painting, sculpture, mixed media and mobiles.  She is an inspiration to any of us who wonder just how long we can continue our art-making life.  Art brings an energy to us which was so evident as Ruth moved through the exhibit at the pace of a 50 year old.  It was such an amazing day to see these paintings through the eyes of someone who knew the artist, the place where he painted, and to discuss the possible reasons he chose certain colors to convey his intention.  All I can say is WOW!

Artfully yours, Chris

Summer on the surface

May2012 075

The last couple of days I've been working in the studio on a new decorative paper technique that has resulted in this yummy  eye-catching batch of collage papers.  I am perfecting some new workshops that are on the horizon after the  book comes out.  Acrylic Solutions: Exploring Mixed Media Layer by Layer is due out next spring and I want to be able to share the content with you in exciting new ways!  I hope you'll forgive my intermittent absences as I scheme away in the studio over the next few weeks. 

If you are in Southern CA, I'll be teaching at Studio Crescendoh in early July and then spending a weekend at the end of the month back at my favorite San Diego Area location, Stamping Details.  More details in a few days! Who knows?  Maybe some of these yummy papers will show up in class.

Artfully yours, Chris

Telling your stories...


Life offers up so many bits and pieces that generally just lay in a drawer or a box and sit around gathering dust.  Years, sometimes decades, later someone happens upon these bits and pieces and discovers untold stories waiting to be spoken.  I am fascinated with gathering up these faded and folded and timeworn bits and pieces and weaving them back together to reveal another story.  Sometimes the story carries with it hope or disappointment, sometimes it gathers up characters from more than one era arranged as if in conversation.  What do you do with all your bits and pieces?

Artfully yours, Chris

Simply Sweet

Card 002

My mom had an unusual and attractive handwriting all of her life.  My youngest daughter carried on an extensive correspondence with her for many years.  Imagine my surprise when I received this lovely card for my birthday this year.  My daughter had photo-copied letters with my mom's writing onto velum and crafted an origami envelope and card out of them.  It was such a sweet heart-warming gift.  Seeing my mom's writing on the beautiful structure was such a special thing.  Mom's been gone now for more than 2 years, yet seeing her handwriting evoked such powerful thoughts of her.  It also filled my head with so many ideas I didn't know what to think next!  It just goes to show that gifts from the heart are worth so much more than we can every know.

Artfully yours, Chris