The joy of getting carried away
Mixing the old with the new

A sigh of relief...

Redonewclass 004

I just got home after spending the last couple of days with my art partner, Julie Prichard working on the final photo sequences for our book together.  The art work is glorious and now we move onto the final writing stages before the editors at North Light/F & W do whatever it is they do to books to make it available to the general public.  The one really great thing about this project is that it is  forcing us to really think about our art and how we communicate with all of our students both in the online network in The Land of Lost Luggage and in my "in person" workshops .  We want our art to communicate, but we need to be able to explain how we do things so you can understand.  Understand?  All kidding aside, the teacher in me is always happy when you "get it!" 

Go make lots of art!

Artfully yours, Chris