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Taking inspiration from a grey day


Studiodec 002

Today I awoke to a gray and wet day. I will say that rain is preferable to the high winds we had last week, so I won't complain.  I would like take a moment to talk about the benefits of gray! I've been working on developing subtle shifts in "color' using muted and grayed tones to develop volume and depth.  Ordinarily I would do this with Golden's Acrylic Glazing Liquid (a studio must have), but since I'm working with the OPEN Acrylics I needed to find another way to do this.  I think I have gotten it and Julie and I will be sharing our secrets with you at some point down the road in "The Land of Lost Luggage" or in our book that is in progress.  You can make your own grays easily or keep a jar of Neutral Gray nearby.  Gray shifts easily from cool to warm with the addition a little blue or brown.  Try mixing up some different grays and see what they can add to your work! 

Artfully yours, Chris