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Janclass 001
In just a few days we will embrace 2012.  I'm not totally sure where all the time went this year, but I feel it was productive.  There is a lot to show for the year's work with Lectures, Workshops, and Online Classes with Julie Prichard, travel, a new grandson, and a book deal under my belt.  That should take care of 2011. But what comes next? 

I walked into my garden this week and realized that I was seeing the last of this year's roses.  Half of the bushes (there are more than 50) are already down to their bare bones and the rest will be gone by next week.  This always signals to me that it's time to look back then look forward.  Everything needs a rest and a review!  What do you se when you look back on 2011?  What's awaiting in 2012?

Artfully yours, Chris

One of a kind and out of the box


I've been "printing" a lot lately in an out of the box manner.  In general being out of the box is where I feel most comfortable.  I can conform when I have to, but if given the choice I would exercise my inventiveness everytime!  Just wondering how much you are able to get "out of the box" these days.  By the way what will you do with all those empty boxes after the holidays?

Artfully yours, Chris

With no intention

Dec2011 027
I love going into the studio with no intention.  Mixing colors that speak to me and putting them willy-nilly all over the paper is beyond delightful. There is nothing more irresistable than that freedom.  I am considering doing a series of these small works on paper and just seeing what develops.  I'll share as I go.  What do you think?

Artfully yours, Chris

Taking inspiration from a grey day


Studiodec 002

Today I awoke to a gray and wet day. I will say that rain is preferable to the high winds we had last week, so I won't complain.  I would like take a moment to talk about the benefits of gray! I've been working on developing subtle shifts in "color' using muted and grayed tones to develop volume and depth.  Ordinarily I would do this with Golden's Acrylic Glazing Liquid (a studio must have), but since I'm working with the OPEN Acrylics I needed to find another way to do this.  I think I have gotten it and Julie and I will be sharing our secrets with you at some point down the road in "The Land of Lost Luggage" or in our book that is in progress.  You can make your own grays easily or keep a jar of Neutral Gray nearby.  Gray shifts easily from cool to warm with the addition a little blue or brown.  Try mixing up some different grays and see what they can add to your work! 

Artfully yours, Chris

Makeovers...the ultimate in artful recycling

Studiodec 005
Of late I've been making over some old canvases and panels with great success.  I don't know what it is about a canvas that is already mucked up, but it gives me a certain permission to just have at it and not worry what the outcome will be.  Since I've written three books in the last 5 years I have plenty of "material" so to speak upon which to work.  I especially like the challenge of making over a very textural piece and figuring out how to make that texture meld into the new reinvented piece.  Sometimes what started out in one direction literally ends up on its head or its side!  Recently I tried painting faces on some of these small panels I had laying around.  They were pretty bumpy and that was a challenge.  By the way, I cannot draw a decent face, but I love to paint them. More about that another day...

What is your best paint-over makeover?  I'd love to hear about it.

Artfully yours, Chris

Being thankful for sharing an artful life

Chrisnewclass 025
It's been a few years now since ART became the primary focus of my career path.  Many of you know me through my art life, but prior to being an artist I was a teacher of children, youth, young adults, and adults. Sharing what I know has always been a motivating factor in my life.  When I first started working as an artist full time I was pretty bummed by the solitude and lack of interaction.  Through some serendipity I trained and became a Working Artist with Golden Artist Colors, Inc.  That affiliation and education led me to discover that being a teacher was the key to my growth as an artist.  By sharing what I was learning I was compelled to discover more so I could share more.  Kind of great, isn't it? 

As we approach the end of another year I want to take time to thank some people for the opportunities they have afforded me.  Thank you to Golden Artist Colors, Inc. and its WORKING ARTIST program so ably managed by Patti Brady and Pat Pirrone for trusting your gut and giving me a chance to demonstrate what I could do, thank you to STAMPING DETAILS and Diann Ogawa in Poway, CA for letting me break in so many classes at the store with their wonderful customers, thanks to the many art associations and colleges and universities that have hosted my lectures and demos with enthusiasm and thoughtful questions.  A special thanks goes to Julie Prichard at The Land of Lost Luggage in the Ning network for being a singular teaching partner in the world of online instruction.  Julie's quest for quality and her absolute commitment to service is unparalleled. And a few more thank yous go to Lois Reynolds-Mead, my long time friend and art partner, who delights me in creative thoughts and adventures whenever we get together, to Design Originals for their role in getting my books off to press, to Northlight Books for involving me in a new book adventure, and last but not least to my family who give me free reign to see the world through my artful lenses.

Artfully yours, Chris

Making Changes

Newsletter 003
2011 is coming rapidly to a close and I am getting a jumpstart on my new year's resolutions. I have changed my blog address and hope this will lead to more posts by me and more opportunities to interface with you. My old blog was just too difficult to manage and it drove me totally crazy. I need something easy to do so I'll actually do it!

Events are getting scheduled for 2012 and I'm still available for a few more lecture demo's in Southern California.  I'll be on the road to San Diego and Palm Desert in January and back again to San Diego a couple of times in February.  I'd love to hear from you, so check in often.  I'm going to do my best to post often in 2012.

Artfully yours, Chris